Ideal Shape Shake Giveaway

I have an IdealShape meal replacement shake tub to give away. 🙂

Over $60.00 retail value. 🙂

30 day supply. 🙂

Cookies-n-cream. 🙂


Who wants it????

This is how you can enter to win!

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Giveaway ends Sunday, April 24th at 9am!

Good luck!


Ideal Shape

Anybody out there use protein/workout/weight loss shakes? I have just become an affiliate for Ideal Shape meal replacement shakes. 🙂

My daughter and I are IN LOVE with the cookies-n-cream shake!!!!!!! YUM-YUM!

If you’re interested in reading about their products (shakes, protein bars, etc) click on the following link in this post OR click on the image on my home page.

Ideal Shape

And come back to see my AFTER WORKOUT videos I’ve started making. 🙂

Classroom Reorganization

I’ve been doing some reorganizing in my classroom making way for some changes for the new year. 

Big changes.

That I hope are successful. 😁

Got my student computers numbered and up and going for some independent computer time on Moby Max. I’ve got to figure out the rotation system for 25-27 kids in each class. 

Yes the team signs are crooked, but a sweet student put them up for me. 😊 Students sit in groups of 5-6. Their team starts out with 20 points on Mondays. They can gain and lose points. See the chart below the bulletin board. I have also made 2 charts for students to refer to when testing. 

BIG work in progress. Actually I need to get started. 😂 The drawers will be for math games, worksheets for the skills we learn throughout the year. Once the students identify what skills they haven’t mastered (we will do this when we go back in January) they will choose the appropriate game/activity sheet. They will have a folder where they record evidence of what they do each day during this time.

Turn in tray for notes, excuses. The 3 stackable black trays are the turn in trays for each class for tests/quizzes. If they don’t finish a test they put it in their unfinished class folder to finish later. Below those folders are the homework check clipboards for each class.

Behind my desk. May not look great, but it’s better than it was!!! 

Whew! I’ve still got a lot of thinking and preparation to do before January. 😁

Spiral Review Homework

One of my projects for this Christmas break is to create a spiral review homework sheet. Here’s the beginning of it.  
It will be for the entire week, Monday- Thursday with about 5 problems each day. 4 will be review skills, and the last one will be the current skill. 

I will also provide them an answer key so they can self check their work. This will eliminate the need to go over the answers each day in class.

They will have to show all of their work for each problem. And they will have to self assess themselves on each skill so they will know what skills they still need to work on. 

Does anyone else do a spiral review type homework?

Math Rocks!!

Hello everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a busy year! 2 grand babies ( 3 months old and 10 months old now), my mom moved next to us, my daughter moved back home with us, and I changed school systems after 11 years in the same one.

Whew!! Great times. 🙂

I am now teaching 6th grade math. YES- math! And I LOVE it!!!

1 prep- 3 classes each day. Life is good!

And I have a lot to say about math and a lot of changes I’m already wanting to make.

Don’t want to keep you too long with this post, and I promise I’ll post some pics of what we’ve been doing in math, but anyone out there dabbling in a standards based classroom or self paced learning????

My wheels are turning………….

Time With God

I’ve always prayed in the mornings. (And throughout my day) But you know how it goes- pray in the shower, while driving, laying in bed. 
Multi tasking I should say.
So my alone time with God hasn’t been too alone.

I’m making a commitment to Him to spend some real alone time with Him in the mornings before my day begins. 

So I’m using Sarah Young’s devotional Jesus Calling. And I must say it is fabulous!!! It’s written like Jesus is talking to me. And I love that.

I’m also trying to write the scriptures that go with each day’s devotion. And I love that.

How do you spend your alone time with God each day?

Writing notebook topics

One of the jobs my 1st graders do during reading time is to write in their writing notebooks.

We have a word of the day- a word that has our phonics pattern. I write it on our calendar each day.

They use that word in their writing. They are supposed to write 4 sentences.

2 of my sweet babies wrote about my favorite topic today- God.



Made my heart happy!!! 🙂