New Year’s Resolution

Ok-here it goes-the infamous New Year’s Resolution!! 🙂 These are several resolutions within 1 since currently I’m not doing any of them! My main goal this year is just to cook MORE!! My husband works away from home during the week so no need to really cook a lot during the week, but I do want to begin making “simple” stuff during the week. However, I really want to cook more on the weekends when we are all at the house.

Having said all that, my other goals are to plan the menu on a weekly basis, go grocery shopping based on the menu plan each week, organize my recipes into some kind of simple fashion for easy access, AND maintain this new food blog. On this blog I WANT(hopefully will do) to post recipes, menu plans, and “maybe” pictures of my recipes.

I have already linked to several great food blogs on my blogroll so check them out-The Pioneer Woman is a great one to start with. She even has step by step pictures and directions of how tos for her recipes!

My Favorite Foods

I am going to use this blog to post recipes that I use in the kitchen. This will be helpful in case I am not at home and decide I want to cook something that I don’t have the recipe for with me-then I can just look it up on my blog. Of course this will be a work in progress (along with everything else in my life)! 🙂

Hope you can use some of these recipes if you stumble across this blog. 🙂