Kitchen Before and After Pictures

Here are my before and after pictures of my kitchen.

Don’t you love the deer blanket that we have hanging over the door? It keeps the kitchen warmer during the winter. I guess I need to shop for a more “stylish” door covering! 🙂

I bought these 2 window shutters to hang on the big wall in our kitchen so I can write our “menus” on them. Aren’t they cute?

Won’t this window frame be cute to hang on the wall between the 2 shutters and put a collage of family pictures in it? My paint job was going so well until I leaned from 1 side to the other to keep painting and rested my hand on that left glass and CRUNCH!!!!!! Well, crunch is not what I said-it’s just the sound the glass made when it broke under my hand!! 🙂 I will get my brother-in-law to cut another piece of glass to fit into that part. Anyway-it will be cute on my wall 1 day! 🙂