Powerpoints for whole group instruction

I have started creating powerpoints for my whole group instruction. I got this idea from Lorrie Cooper and the other wonderful teachers at C.E. Hannah in Oxford, AL. It is used to engage the students, but also just to keep myself on track as I am teaching. They were gracious enough to share a week’s worth of their powerpoints so that I could see their schedule/tasks, etc. I am now in the process of creating my own powerpoints to use in my classroom. They do whole group for 30 minutes, and I would love to only use that amount of time so that I could really get into my small groups, but I am really having a difficult time getting it all in for no more than 30 minutes. I’ll keep trying though. So, as I create the powerpoints I will upload them to their appropriate spot on this blog-please try to be patient! 🙂

A Long Journey

I have once again created another blog(I think I’m becoming addicted)!! This blog will be a work in progress where I will create and upload STUFF for our Scott Foresman Reading Street reading/language arts program in the 6th grade. I am new to 6th grade this year-I previously taught Kindergarten for 6 years. I feel as if I am only treading water this year with this program, but I hope that I can learn to swim and would love for you to swim along with me.

This will be a long journey, but hopefully a fulfilling one. 🙂 Please be patient as I try to find the time to do all that I want to do with this program.

Diane Ravitch

I have been hearing about how Diane Ravitch has gone through a big change on her view of public education so I went out and bought her book. Haven’t read it yet because of everything else that is piled on my schedule, but I have found her website. She has a page with letters that have been written to her including one from Larry Lee who has studied high achieving high poverty schools here in Alabama. He is also going to speak this year at our Partners in Education banquet coming up at the end of this month.