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Tracking Standards

Since last year I felt like I was ambling along without any sort of REAL direction (my fault), this year I am going to make myself be aware of EVERYTHING I do and WHY I do it! To better aid me with this task (since I’m a VERY visual learner) I typed up the Alabama Course of Study Standards for 6th grade Reading-Language-Literature-Writing (everything I teach with the exception of the technology standards). I am going to print and cut and put on a bulletin board right near my desk and small group table. Each time I introduce/teach a skill I am going to highlight it to help keep myself on track.

Yeah, yeah, I know that I am supposed to look at the standards and imprint them into my brain at the beginning of the year and then keep looking at them as I plan my lessons. However, when you are given a scripted “research based” program to teach with, you just assume that EVERYTHING is covered explicitly and many, many, many times. Reality check: don’t assume anything (I’m not going to underline the chunk in that word that should be standing out to you by now!). 🙂

Now don’t get me wrong-I didn’t do ALL that Scott Foresman provides because it’s impossible so I might have missed some stuff. But, I have been told in the past to just make sure I teach the TARGET skills-the ones with the bulls eye beside them-well, I don’t think that worked!

So-here we go again! Here is the document for you to print, and I also posted it on my AL COS Standards page on this blog.

6th Grade Alabama Course of Study Standards pdf


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