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Book Challenge-Book 37

I bought this book after reading on one teacher’s blog that her intermediate students loved Gordon Korman‘s books. This book was the 1st in a series-The Island Series. Book#1-Shipwreck- was a fun book, but it did have A LOT of description/language about ships. Listen here-I don’t think my schema bank on ships has ANYTHING in it!!! 🙂

The majority of the book was detailing the journey, and if you’re like me-you will have to continue the series to find out more and stay with the characters. Remember how you used to spend the night with your friend, and when it came time to leave you didn’t want to? Well, that’s how I am with books, and especially the ones (like this one) that DON’T END!

2 thoughts on “Book Challenge-Book 37

  1. I really liked Gordon Korman’s Everest trilogy. I’ve used it when we were studying Making Connections. This elements the thin or surface connections (so far I’ve never had a student who has climbed Everest), and really gets them to focus on the emotions, feelings, and characterization in the book. They make connections based on challenges they have faced, successes, set-backs … there was some really great thinking going on. The setting in the preface of the first book is a funeral – and knowing there will be some kind of death in the books really kept the students reading – especially the boys!

    • You know after reading this Island Book 1, I was looking on the internet (seems to be mostly what I do lately), and saw some reviews from people who LOVED the everest series-not quite as much the Island series. AND I’ve got to reach my boys-they usually tend to be the more reluctant readers! 🙂 Thanks for the tip! I’m so ready for school to start and yet I’m not ready-I still have so much more to do, my head is spinning! 🙂

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