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12 qualities of a great teacher

Here is a link to an article written by Valerie Strauss on another article written by Chris Lehmann on his website Practical Theory. He lists and briefly discusses 12 things that make a great teacher. Read through them and see which ones you exhibit on a daily basis or which ones you need to work on.

I feel that I exhibit a lot of them, but on a daily basis? Not sure! All the time? Not sure!

I do know that I constantly reflect on my teaching practice, and this occurs on a daily basis. All the time! Sort of obsessed about it! 🙂

Which one is your strongest quality?



4 thoughts on “12 qualities of a great teacher

  1. Thanks for that link. I think I definitely do most of those things, most days. Organization and reflection are my strongest though. I simply can’t function well in a space that isn’t organized – and I can’t imagine ANY teacher who doesn’t reflect on their days at least a little bit.

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