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Anybody else exhausted??

Overwhelmed? Stressed? Tired? Can’t think straight? Freaking out? 🙂

I worked in my classroom for most of the day-come to think of it, most of the night, too! 🙂 It’s looking better….I just still have so much that I need and want to do. My wants get ahead of my needs sometimes!

I did get the desks cleaned off today-and actually went through the stuff that was piled on them instead of just shoving it all into the cabinets-tell me you’ve never done that!

Although I have many, many, many things to accomplish before August 11th, here are the biggies:

1. Classroom library-I want to organize ALL of my books in my baskets with labels-I would also love to put them into librarything.com (we’ll see if that actually happens) 🙂

2. CAFE Conferring Notebook-GOT to get all of this organized, especially since this will be my 1st year implementing it

3. Lesson plan template-I’m “thinking” about revising my lesson plan template that I used last year to something that will actually GUIDE me in my teaching

4. Reading notebooks-I want to get all of this “stuff” organized

5. Writing notebooks-I want to get all of this “stuff” organized

6. Writing-I didn’t do a good job of teaching writing last year, so this is an area that I want to improve on which means a lot of reading, thinking, planning, etc.

OK-I can’t think of anything else right now and really need to go to bed.

What are the things that you are working on for your classroom????


7 thoughts on “Anybody else exhausted??

  1. I teach 6th grade L/A with Scott Foresman as well. I hate it!! I usually try to use chapter books and just follow the scope and sequence of the basal. How do you plan on using your basal with the Cafe? In Indiana we have to teach 90 minutes of reading only. No writing, grammar, spelling…ect allowed during that time. The best part is that I also teach social studies. My total class time with my students is 94 minutes in the morning for one class and 110 minutes in the afternoon with a different class. Any suggestions?

    • I’m going to follow the scope and sequence of Scott Foresman, too, because I want to assess my kids every 5 weeks using their benchmark assessments to monitor progress. Can you believe that my kids start on August 11th and I still haven’t made up my mind about using the weekly stories!!! I “think” I am going to use them to teach the comprehension skills/strategies whole group but only do that about 15-20 minutes each day because I am determined to implement the CAFE system. This is a rough outline of my day (I will teach 2 classes and have each about 2 hours 35 minutes):

      Daily Grammar Practice(quick)
      Word Study(quick)
      Read Aloud(this will be interactive with the kids using a chapter book)
      Writing(did NOT do a good job with this last year-want to improve this year)
      Scott Foresman whole class reading(15-20 minutes)
      CAFE/Daily 5-(probably will have 2 rounds unless I can fit in 3) My mini-lessons will be on comprehension strategies and some english/grammar

      Whew!!! How do you teach language arts AND social studies in 115 minutes or less? Does your language arts include reading, too? Or just english, spelling, and writing?

      • Thank you for your schedule. It makes me feel like I’m heading in the right direction! The answer to your question is, I can’t!! language arts is just engish, spelling, and writing.

  2. I know how you feel. Worked in my room for 3 days last week. I decorated and now it’s time to reorganize the files. That’s right reorganize-because the first 3 time just wasn’t good enough.
    I also teach 6th grade Scott Foresman Reading Street. Last year I created Promethean flipcharts for all the stories with activities that went along with the skill. Guess what, my laptop with the file was stolen; didn’t back up the files. So, I’m starting from square 1 this year.

    • I feel your pain! (I think) 🙂 Your laptop being stolen with no backup files sounds JUST like something that would happen to me! I’ve gotten a lot done in my room-still have a few more things left to do as far as wall space-but now I’ve got to get everything ready in my mind! Now that’s gonna be hard! Good luck!

  3. Hi, I’m 43 and I was going through an old box and found a book called “Something Else” by Scott Foresman. Book still has the stamp from my Junior High School which is no longer in existence! Lol! The school was from 7th to 9th grade… I was thinking of donating it or selling it to a collector… Any ideas?

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