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1st 6 weeks lesson plan template

I think I am finished with all the lesson plan templates that I will need for the year! WooHoo!!!

This year I am really wanting to start out slow and not jump headfirst into the curriculum. What I mean by this is that I want to do a thorough introduction of many things before going back in depth on these same things. I want to take the 1st 6 weeks to teach/introduce:

Rules/Routines/Procedures/Organization Tips/Technology Tools/Reading Strategies/Reading Skills/Administer Assessments to guide my instruction!!!!!/Do teambuilding activities/Launch Writer’s Workshop/Review/Introduce English Stuff(Parts of Speech, Sentence Types, Phrases, Punctuation)/Set up our Word Study Program/Cover Homework Guidelines and Expectations

THEN the 2nd 6 weeks will be our time to start revisiting ALL that we have talked about and done. We will go more in depth with most of the above and continue this way for the remainder of the year.

Here is a screenshot of my 1st 6 weeks lesson plan template.

Here is the word document: 1st6WeeksLessonPlanTemplate

Here is the pdf document: 1st6WeeksLessonPlanTemplate


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