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Homeworkopoly fun

I had a couple of questions about my homeworkopoly board in my classroom. First of all, I did NOT create this! I found the idea on teach.net-here is the link:


You can download the game board and cards. This is how I implement it in my 6th grade classroom.

The students that bring in their homework ALL  week get to play it on Fridays. Each student has 1 turn. They roll the die and move their pushpin (with their student number written on the tip) that many places. Then they do whatever they land on. Possibilities are:

Read a poem, win a prize, etc.

My kids last year seemed to really like playing it. The kids that missed bringing in ANY homework did not get to play. Just another incentive to do homework (and I don’t really give a lot). 🙂

Hope this helps, but you really need to visit the site-it’s all FREE!!!!!1

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