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Read and Write 180-Day 9

Can you believe we had fun during English today? Well, I had fun anyway!!!!

We have just started reviewing the parts of speech and will continue through next week. Today we covered nouns and pronouns. We watched the schoolhouse rock videos (gotta love them!!!), discussed what nouns and pronouns are, and listed examples of each. Here are the links to the videos on schooltube (yes, that will work at school-it is NOT blocked!). πŸ™‚



I also had them copy the following sentence, and we will label each word as to what part of speech it belongs to as we go through this review of the parts of speech:

We will run in a very long race, and we will win. Oh, yeah!Β 

During our word study time, we copied 3 of our 10 words for the week. Then we segmented the words into syllables/chunks-I let them decide how they wanted to break the word apart to learn how to spell it. Then we either drew a picture or wrote something to help us remember what the word means. I hate to say this-but they seemed BORED out of their minds. What am I going to do to make this exciting? Or just bearable?????

Of course, they loved the interactive read aloud time. We read chapter 3 of 6th Grade Can Really Kill You, made predictions about chapter 4. We had already made our predictions yesterday about chapter 3 so then we got to either confirm or reject our predictions today after we finished chapter 3. I think tomorrow we will talk about Helen’s character-start analyzing it a bit. They really do a good job of interacting with me and each other during this read aloud time! πŸ™‚

We set up our reading genre maps today. They each have a map of the United States. We labeled the states with our reading genre requirements for the year. See this document to learn about our reading genre requirements:

Reading Requirements for 6th Grade

For our reading text this week, “Your Amazing Brain”, we talked a little about our schema-the background knowledge that each of us have about a topic. Then I had them skim the reading passage to find out 3 different things: 1. What we could name our brain since it is so powerful 2. What game our brain can be compared to because of all the messages that it sends 3. The one thing that helps both our brain and our body

I explained to them that reading non-fictions is somewhat different than reading fiction. Sometimes we read non-fiction to find out something specific that we want to know-we may not even read the entire text from front to back like we do with fiction. By giving them 3 different questions to answer before reading (skimming), I had set a purpose for their reading. Tomorrow we will actually read the passage.

We also had our school pictures today-threw me completely OFF schedule (it doesn’t take much!). πŸ™‚

My 2nd class had time to do Read to Self-they did a fabulous job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I forgot to upload my study guide for this week that I gave the students yesterday. This is so they will know what their word study words are for the week, and what we will be learning/doing in reading, english, and writing. It also lets them know when to expect the tests. Here it is for this week.


Oh, yeah-and one of my students finished Stone Fox today-he could not believe the ending of that story!!! This is one of my all time favorite books ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get your kleenex ready! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Read and Write 180-Day 9

  1. I’ve found that the spelling words in the series have been a bit easy, although it looks like you may be beginning with the 10 powerful words as you work your way into the series.

    When you do get into the book, I’d recommend providing an advanced option for the students. If my students get 24/25 correct on the pre-test, I allow them to take the arduous test. Here’s an example of my week one test https://docs.google.com/a//document/pub?id=1D-5qLTk1w4UlKyg9-SO7OdlPjn6It_z8IupL985o7SI . These words have been chosen from the “Words to Know for the SAT.”

    • Pat-

      I tried to click on your google docs link to see your words, but it gave me a server error. I’m actually going to cut my list in 1/2 when I begin Scott Foresman the 2nd 6 weeks so that we can really “study” the words more. I felt like last year they just memorized the list of words, made a good grade on the test, then never applied it to their writing. It boggled my mind! I want them to be good spellers when they write, not just on Fridays! πŸ™‚ But give me your link again so I can see those words!

    • That worked! I like those words, and I really like adding the part of speech to them. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

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