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Read and Write 180-Day 16

Thursday-September 1st, 2011

I just want to say that I have some students who are really thinking and writing some good things on their comprehension thinking sheet about their books! 🙂 I haven’t read everyone’s, but of the ones who have shared they are all either doing great or headed in the right direction. I really think that EVERYONE is going to be making lots of progress this year with their reading/thinking/writing!

We talked about the last 3 words of our “word study” word for the week: love, positive attitude, and self-control, 2 of which I hope to see a lot of this year! 🙂

We reviewed before we took our english test by labeling words in a loooong sentence. This will get easier as the year goes on because when I start my “Daily Grammar Practice” they will be labeling words in a different sentence each week-along with sentence types, clauses, phrases, etc. To read more about the DGP for this year check out this page:

http://6thgradescottforesmanreadingstreetresources.wordpress.com/daily-grammar-practice/ We will begin our DGP after I finish reviewing and introducing ALL of our english concepts/skills for the year-probably around week 6 or 7 of school.

I can’t wait to grade today’s english tests-well, let me rephrase that-I can’t wait to see the grades from today’s english tests! That’s more like it! 🙂 Lots of kids had REALLY good grades last week!!!!

I felt sorry for the kids today because they had to sit for so long. I just had so much to go over with them-I can’t wait til I have shown them all of these “things” that I will be expecting of them this year so that we can establish our other “fun” routines for the year-the choice work they’ll be doing each day, the small group and individual instruction. All of this will allow them move around the room more!!

These are the things that I had to go over with them (I know I will have to continue to review these things with them/support them, but the 1st go around is sooooo long!!):

Comprehension Thinking Sheet-I went over the 4th box with them. This is the one where they have to choose a literary element or literary device to write about.

Literary Elements-plot, characters, setting, etc

Literary Devices-simile, metaphor, personification, etc

I think I need to make a reference sheet with all of the above and explanations and examples. Goodness knows it’s hard enough for a teacher to keep up with, much less a student! 🙂

I gave them the reading response rubric to put in their notebooks. A rubric is a grading reference so they will know EXACTLY what is expected of them in their reading response letters each week. Here is the rubric:

Reading Response Rubric

Tomorrow I will help them (guide them) write their 1st reading response letter. I divided the class into groups to turn in their reading response notebooks each week. This way I won’t be reading and grading ALL of them at one time! 🙂 The students have student numbers -alphabetically. So here is the schedule of when they will be due each week.





Let the work begin!!! 🙂

We learned about thin and thick questions today. They really got it! Thin questions are the easy, literal questions. Thick questions require you to think more-they require higher level critical thinking! Here are 2 examples that we came up with for our reading passage this week.

Thin-Who is the main character in our reading passage?

Thick-What does the title “Leaving Her Mark” mean to you?

We will work with thick questions ALL year-on tests that require them to answer these types of questions, but more importantly when they generate their own questions during their reading. I explained to them that when they ask questions while they read they are wondering which keeps them engaged in the text-makes them interested in what they are reading.

Can’t wait til tomorrow-FRIDAY!:)

4 thoughts on “Read and Write 180-Day 16

  1. I really like the specific objectives you’ve listed on your comprehension rubric. Are you teaching the students these skills first, or giving them a brief overview and access to instructions?

    I wouldn’t have thought of collecting a few journals each night. What a novel idea!

    Any advice you have on resources you’ve found for open ended comprehension skills would be appreciated.

    • Pat-

      I gave them a brief overview,then we will focus more on each one (which hopefully means their response letters will get better???!!!!???). 🙂 One of the 5th grade teachers at my school has bought a book on teaching open ended responses-we are supposed to get together and talk about it. I can’t remember the author right now-I’ll let you know when I talk with her. 🙂

    • Pat-

      I love these deep thinking questions! My kids scored very low on character analysis questions on our baseline testing a couple of weeks ago (and plot as well). These questions will be good for them to think about! Thanks! 🙂

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