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Read and Write 180-Day 68

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I loved today! Fit in small group! Do I hear a cheer for me? But now I’m wondering….what did I leave out or forget about???? 🙂

Sentence labeling…√

Paragraph writing/editing…√

Spelling workbook page…√ Boring…√

English workbook page…√ Boring…√

I had them write a short short story for 15 minutes…√ We will finish tomorrow.

We read the rest of our story and discussed it…√ (Nothing else-just read and discussed)

Watched a generalization video (cute)…√

45 minutes of small group…√

So…. nothing fancy, but it worked for us! I actually was able to pull 2 small groups in each class-4 students in each group. There is just no way to pull more than that! This is what we did in each small group (again-nothing fancy):

1. Practiced a little word work with 7 multi-syllable words.

2. Talked about what the words meant and how they related to our story this week.

3. Practiced some fluency reading with a paragraph in our story. I read it aloud with correct phrasing, then with incorrect phrasing, then with correct phrasing. Then they partner read it. Then we choral read it.

I LOVED THIS SMALL GROUP TIME!!!!! It’s so personal-the kids open up so much more. AND-they really understood how incorrect phrasing breaks down our comprehension.

Tomorrow is a test day so not sure if I’ll get to small group, but gonna try. This is the kicker-I will not be able to pull all students. I think I am just going to work with my struggling readers.

Here is the link to the generalization video that we watched today:


I “think” that my 6th graders understand generalizations better this year than last year. I have really focused on this skill this week. We’ll see when it comes test time tomorrow. 🙂

That’s about all for today, but I do want to show you a picture that I took of an open ended answer to a question on a fresh read test last week. The passage was about a community trying to make a skateboard park safer. Now this student is good average student, but I’m wondering how much this student REALLY understood about this passage AND how much “schema” this student had about SKATEBOARDING!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was hilarious!

 I mean, did you know that a skateboard park has more grass than concrete?????? What?????? 🙂


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