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Heavenly, just heavenly

If you like butter finger candy bars, you will LOVE this recipe! Thanks to pinterest, a day off from school, and the lack of desire to really DO anything I actually made some butter finger blondies that I had pinned a looooong time ago on my pinterest boards. 🙂

Here is the picture of the result of all of my hard work today!

 Yum yum……yum yum yum!!

Here’s the link to my pinterest board where you can find this delish recipe to try it out yourself!


Taylor (my daughter) and I also made buffalo chicken dip, but it actually tastes better than it looks so we will spare you a picture of it!

Now I guess I need to get busy on my online classes that I am way behind on!

4 thoughts on “Heavenly, just heavenly

  1. Oh this looks awesome!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog–yours is absolutely incredible!!! I can’t believe all of your resources! I hope you have a very nice Thanksgiving holiday!
    Kristen 🙂
    Ladybug’s Teacher Files

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