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I’m sooooo glad I teach

so that I don’t have to PAINT for a living!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I decided (today) to paint my bathroom. Disclaimer here-I’ve had the paint for over a year. Yeah, I’m sort of definitely a procratinator!! Then I couldn’t even find a paint stick so I just used one of those over the door wreath hangers!!! The plastic kind-it worked pretty well. 🙂

I had already painted 1 wall brown about 2 years ago as an accent wall, but then decided I wanted the other 3 walls to be a “smoky blue”. A little darker than I planned for-or at least it is according to my hubby-he said he can’t see in there anymore! LOL! I still love it!

There might actually be 1 more thing that I hate worse than painting (and cleaning): BEING SHORT!!!! So I had my own pity party about 1/2 way through this project today. It was sort of a sighing, laughing, cussing, almost tears kind of a party!!

And I don’t know how I finished the part above the shower-I think I blocked all of that out of my memory!! 🙂

So here are before and after pictures of of my 9:30-6:15 didn’t watch the Alabama/Auburn game project!

 This is the “brown” wall that has been painted for 2 years.

 OK-toilet shot!

 Door leading to bedroom

 Infamous shower

 Sink area


 D.O.N.E. Except for hanging things back on the wall! 🙂

Have you accomplished any projects over your Thanksgiving break?


2 thoughts on “I’m sooooo glad I teach

    • Sharon-

      WOW! I delivered 2 tumors since Taylor was born-1 was the size of a grapefruit, but you’ve got me beat! 🙂 I’m glad you are well!!! 🙂

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