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A Book For You

This will be my 1st post of many more to come (hopefully) to give book talks on the books that I read. And I read a lot. Mucho. 🙂

I started reading at the age of 4 and have continued this fantastical (is that a word?) journey into my adult life. There were a few  times in my life where I took what we would call a “sabbatical” from reading for pleasure-high school, while getting my master’s degree, while getting my educational specialist degree. That’s about it!


So, here is my 1st book talk about a character that I have come to love just this year. Clementine. She is absolutely witty, charming, loveable, quirky, and creative. She is her own girl. Clementine is in the 3rd grade and has a mind of her own. Even though she tends to get in trouble at school and sometimes doesn’t make the “wisest” decisions, she has a heart of gold. Clementine is the kind of character that draws you in with her sense of humor (and she’s not even trying to be funny!) and her independent thinking.

I first discovered her when our library was giving books away to make room for more books. I took our librarian up on that (because I’m a sucker) and took 5 copies of Clementine. I sort of layed them over to the side (with all my other books that have not been categorized because sometimes I can’t seem to catch my breath!) and forgot about them. When I decided one day to “rearrange”, I found them and glanced through a copy. I was hooked! I read that one and did a book talk with my 6th graders about it-it got snatched up quickly!

When I went through the whole stack I found “Clementine’s Letter” which is another one in the series. Read it. Loved it. So, then our Scholastic bookfair rolled around and guess what one of my students brought to my attention??? ANOTHER Clementine book! I bought it and was planning on reading it over the Thanksgiving break, but alas-that same student wanted to read it. Being the nice, kind, sweet, and generous teacher that I am-I let her read take it home and read it. She brought it back to me on Monday-I read it last night. I loved Clementine all over again!!!! AND-I found 2 more Clementine books when I searched on goodreads.com so I’m in business!!!!! Going to the bookstore tomorrow when I leave my conference! 🙂

What am I going to do when I finish those 2? Well, of course I’ll just write a letter to the author-Sara Pennypacker- and demand ask that she continue to tell Clementine’s story! Do you think she’ll go for it???


2 thoughts on “A Book For You

  1. Hi Shannon!

    We love Clementine too! SO funny! I have found that sharing this book makes it easier for some readers to have “lower level” books in their hands while the kid sitting next to them is reading Lord of the Rings. Are your books “leveled”? Does that create a problem with the kids? We are trying to get over that. It kills me when some of my struggling readers are insisting they are reading–and understanding–Gregor the Overlander or Harry Potter when I know Cam Jansen or Magic Treehouse is closer to the truth.

    I’m counting down the days, aren’t you?!


    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    • Kim-

      First things first. YES, I am counting down the days-12 left! Actually, 11 1/2, because we get out at 12:30 that last day. Well, now that I think about it-10 1/2 because that Monday won’t resemble any kind of normal sane day either! 🙂

      In my classroom library, my books are not leveled-they are organized by genre: realistic fiction, mystery, etc. But I have the opposite issue than you. They certainly don’t try to read the harder books!!! A LOT of them are just fine reading magic treehouse, bailey school kids, etc. I’m telling you that this group of kids includes a lot of “what is the least I can do to get by” sort of kids!!!!! They are sweet kids, but the majority of them have no joy in reading, and are NOT thinkers! 🙂

      I have recommended “Stone Fox” to ALL of them. It’s an easy read, yet still so powerful. But noooooooo, I have so many who are just on the lazy side and do not care. So what did I say? 10 1/2 days of true instructions left-then freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 🙂

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