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Read and Write 180-Day 87

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hurrah for break, Hurrah for break, Everybody sing-Hurrah for break!

Today was a 1/2 day. We drew pictures to make a Christmas book for our Truckerbuddy-Mr. Bob and Mrs. Barbara. Then the kids played some reading board games (that I really need to pull out on Fridays from now on). Then Mr. Brady was kind enough to take all the kids to his room to watch a movie before lunch which gave me time to blog surf grade some papers!

We have 15 WHOLE days off!!! I can’t believe it! Everyone was in dire need of a break to keep from hitting each other rest, relax, and revamp!

So far I have:

1. watched a movie with my daughter

2. read some of my current book

3. called the drug store

4. scheduled a family gathering for next week

5. shopped at Dollar General

6. sent email to counselor with question about new student’s grades

7. called the doctor’s office

8. gone to the bank

9. checked some emails

10. writing this post

WOW! I feel like I’m on supercharge! Now I’ve got to cook some creamed corn for my monthly BUNCO game night with the girls. I love vacation!! Oh, I’m also waiting on my daughter’s bedroom suit to be delivered before 6pm. Very exciting!

I love vacation! Did I already say that? I’ve got lots of things I need to do and want to do, but I am definitely going to get some r&r!

What are your plans?

6 thoughts on “Read and Write 180-Day 87

  1. Shannon:
    WooHoo! Yippee! YeeHaw!
    You’re on Va-Ca-Tion!
    I’m THRILLED For you!

    I felt like a traitor deleting you…
    So, now:
    Try re-subscribing to my blog’s e-mail.
    … you know, the box with YOUR name on it!

    Let me know what to do next because my strategies and blog vocabulary don’t go past this step.
    : )

    Happy Free From School Time…
    You’ve done more in a day than I have done in four!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    • Kim-

      It’s so weird, but I just got an email of a comment on your blog. And, I haven’t even resubscribed because I just got home from playing BUNCO-my all time favorite game!

      So I’m not sure what happened-we’ll see! 🙂

  2. Shannon,
    I love your blog! I teach 6th grade and we’re moving into a brand new 5-6 school Next Week!! I get to begin setting up my new classroom Jan. 2nd! I signed up for a trucker buddy after reading in your blog about it, and have just received one. Can you share some of the things your kids have done? When you email, do you assign certain students to do it, or do they all do it? (that would be a lot of emails for him to read!!) I thought about a blog, but not sure that would work. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Elaine-

      My kids have LOVED our truckerbuddy-we will get an actual visit from him in February! 🙂 We email him as a whole class kind of thing-I’m the one that types it as they tell me what to say. I have it projected onto our screen through my LCD projector. They love to ask him questions-he asks them questions, too. We also track on individual US maps where he goes. The maps are already getting crowded so by May I’m sure they will look like just pencil lead! 🙂 That’s about all we do-we made him little Christmas cards (that I just remembered are still in my bag-OMG!). If you think of anything else that you are going to do let me know-this is my 1st year doing this.

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