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Some holiday cheer!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful time with family and friends during Christmas! Here’s something I thought might make you chuckle a little (sort of relieve all the stress that you MUST be feeling with little ones smothering you all around you, in-laws breathing down your neck helping you in so many ways, the baking that is now making you want to regurgitate providing a sense of comfort, and the downright stress loveliness that comes from wrapping gifts. 🙂

Enjoy and have a wonderfully, exciting, glorious Merry Christmas!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Some holiday cheer!!!

  1. Merry Christmas, Shannon!

    I hope you had a day filled with lots of fun with your family.
    I think I ate 43 pounds of Christmas treats, including something that had Cap’n Crunch, MandMs, and pretzels in some kind of vanilla hold-it-togther stuff. Sounds gross, but it was great! Then there was the fudge… and I think a sandwich before we moved on to “beverages” and other treats!

    I hope you are enjoying your vacation and doing lots of relaxing and reading.

    Sending you JOY…

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    • Wonderful, wonderful!!! I ate so much I think I’m going to thro….. never mind! 🙂

      I’m doing LOTS of relaxing and reading and tweeting and now…..ipadding!!!!! 🙂

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