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Indigo by Alice Hoffman Book Review

Indigo by Alice Hoffman

84 pages                                  Genre-Fairy tale (I think)                                 Published-January 2003

This story of mermaids was a simple and straightforward one. It didn’t leave much room for predictions or wondering. It wasn’t complex, and it was very easy to follow. In fact, it is one that I will recommend to my 6th graders that need a simple book.

Here’s a summary from goodreads.com

Oak Grove is a dry, dusty town haunted by the memories of a past flood. Everyone dreads water–everyone except two brothers, Trevor and Eli McGill. Nicknamed Trout and Eel for their darting quickness and the thin webbing between their fingers and toes, the boys dream of the farthest seas and of a mysterious past they only half remember. In helping them reach their hearts’ desire, Martha Glimmer, the boys’ fierce and loyal friend, is intent on running away from memories of her old life–before her mother died, before her father lost himself in grief, before her heart was broken. Little do Martha, Trout, and Eel know that running away will leave them on a journey back to their own true natures.

I liked when Martha said that she wished for them everything that they wished for themselves. Isn’t that a supportive way to be? Sounds like a true friend.

3 of 5 stars to this book.

My last thoughts on this book: Simple story with simple writing, but unique in its own way because of the mermaids.

3 thoughts on “Indigo by Alice Hoffman Book Review

  1. wow you really misinterpreted this novella. I am a thirteen year old girl and I got so much out of it. she beautifully illustrated loss and forgiveness, discovery of who they are, and a lot more. she described it in a way that unintelligent readers wouldn’t be able to understand. so, yeah, I guess you wouldn’t be able to figure any of the underlying meanings. it frightens me that you’re a teacher.

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