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New Year Resolutions Linky Party

A Teacher’s Treasure New Year Linky Party

I have joined up with the forces. The forces of New Year Resolutions that is. Check out this fabulous linky party hosted by The Teacher’s Treasure to see what kind of resolutions everyone has made for what is going to be the greatest year ever-2012!!!!!!



1. Run a 5k-Yes, this “seems” impossible since I have gained sooooo much weight over the last however many years. But, I am DETERMINED!! Especially since my husband thinks I can’t because I’m 41 and my knees creak! I’ll just show him!

2. Stay on top of menu planning and grocery shopping– This is something that I seriously need to do! We live in the country about 8 miles from the nearest grocery store, and that’s not even a big chain store! 22 miles from a Walmart!!! My goal is to plan out my menus on a weekly basis and make a weekly grocery trip INSTEAD of spotty planning and shopping!

3. Commit to several reading challenges– I am joining lots of reading challenges this year and want to get organized about them so that I don’t lose my mind! Organization is the key! Has anyone found mine because I seem to lose it a lot! 🙂


1. Stay organized– This will include LOTS of different things: entering ALL of my classroom library books on a website, grading papers on a regular basis, filing stuff RIGHT after I use it!, plan ahead, and everything else. I want to have more time in my personal life and being organized in my teaching “should” allow me to do that!

2. Join some professional organizations– I want to join NCTE, ARA, IRA, and who knows what else!!!!

Of course, I can think of LOTS more things that I want to do, but I don’t want to bore you to tears so I’ll leave it at that!!!

What are your New Year Resolutions???


5 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions Linky Party

  1. Happy New Year, Shannon! If anyone can do it, I have no doubt you can. Best of luck on the 5K – I’m in awe – I think my body would die from the shock (but I do want to start some type of exercising again). I’m intrigued by the entering your classroom books on a website – is this a way for you to keep track of them? I so need a better system in my room – this year they’re walking away like they have legs.

    • Jen-

      Here is the link for Classroom Booksource. It’s a website where you can enter all of your books and signify locations so that your students can look up a book and know if you have it and where it is, they can check out a book and return it so you can keep up with them, and I think they can write a short review of the books. I have signed up and was planning on getting all of my books entered over break-well, didn’t do that! So now it is a resolution of mine to GET IT DONE!!! It looks like a great thing!


  2. I had never heard of Classroom Booksource…sounds interesting. I have over 700 titles in my library (about 2/3 purchased myself or through Scholastic Bonus points). I’m definitely going to look into it.

    It’s kind of freaky how similar we are! My goals for the new year were the exact same as yours (except joining professional organizations…I’m already in 2 and my husband has cut me off!) I just have to continue to psych myself to get up tomorrow morning at 5 to workout. No time after school because then we have dinner, time with the kids, planning for the next day and of course reading to be done!
    P. S. My goal was to have my husband run the 5k with me. 🙂

    • Christy-

      Isn’t it fun to meet people that are similar through the web?!? Kudos to you for getting up at 5am to workout-I am NOT a morning person! Never have been. Never will be. 🙂 Thank goodness my kids are 17 and older so don’t need me as much-in fact, it’s hard to get them to come out of their rooms at night except to eat supper!!!!

      Have you ever run in a 5k before? I have done two-one in high school and one at the age of 26. Haven’t done hardly anything since then! I started training this past Saturday-so 3 days in a row for me-WOW! I went to a Zumba class tonight-LOVE IT! 🙂

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