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Middle Grade Readathon

Deb over at Just Deb is hosting a middle grade readathon this week that ends on Sunday.

So far I have read The Hunger Games and am now on Catching Fire. I.am.hooked. 🙂

I even ordered a Hunger Games t-shirt from amazon that is supposed to be here Friday so I’ll wait until Monday to booktalk it. With my swag on. 🙂

I hope to finish the trilogy by Sunday-if only I could take a couple of more vacation days. Sigh.

Here’s a link to the t-shirt if you feel the need to try to compete with me on my newfound middle grade mania. 🙂

Click here to show your support to the tributes

2 thoughts on “Middle Grade Readathon

  1. I love it when another convert joins the ranks!! The shirt is cool, I might just have to get it. I was super excited when I got my Nerdy Book Club sweatshirt. 🙂 I’m wearing it for casual day tomorrow!!

    • Christy-

      I still have to get me a nerdy book club shirt, too! 🙂 We can dress casually every day which is super nice! I already have 3 reading t-shirts that I wear-I wish I could have one for each day of the school year! 🙂

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