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5 thoughts on “Hunger Games bribe….

  1. Ha ha! I have 16 copies of THE HUNGER GAMES (I bought ten of them with book fair profit money). They are all signed out right now, and I still have a wait list. The more copies I get, the longer the list grows because word just spreads faster.

    With the books I bring in from the ALAN box, sometimes I have to put my OWN name on the wait lists.

    Loved this story about the quarters. I am going to share it with my Young Adult Literature elective tomorrow. :o)

    • Ricki-

      Do you go to the ALAN conference and get free books, discounted books? Our school library only has 1 copy of the Hunger Games! Can you believe that? I have 2 in my room-GOT to buy more! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hi!

    Are you a member of ALAN? It is $20 to join and you get the newsletter which has so much info on Young Adult Literature. I go to the conference every year and come back with a big box of free books (all new form that year and most hardcover). It is amazing.

    I hold a lot of fundraisers to get books. This year, I made $1,000 profit by holding a Scholastic book fair. I have all of the teachers bring their students and open it to the public. By the way, I am not from a wealthy district, so it can happen!

    🙂 Ricki

  3. I just joined NCTE over the Christmas break so I’ll have to look into ALAN-it sounds great! I so love to read! 🙂

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