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Alabama Tornadoes!

Well, it’s happened again! More tornado weather has hit Alabama, and this time it was a little too close for comfort. One hit Eagle Creek (about 15 miles from my home) and another one hit Buttston (about 9 miles from my home). We were spared again. This time we actually left our home to take shelter in a neighbor’s basement. I’m thinking it’s time for a storm shelter to be built into the little hill behind our house!

One person did lose their life during this storm in Tallapoosa County where I live. My heart goes out to their family as well as everyone else that was affected by this devastating tornado.

Here’s a news clip about the tornadoes that hit the areas near my home.


And as always-thanks Kim at Joy in 6th Grade for checking on me!!!! 🙂 It’s such a good feeling to have cyber buddies that care!!

2 thoughts on “Alabama Tornadoes!

  1. Since I’m a new follower, I wasn’t sure where you were located, but I am glad that you are all OK (if not a bit shaken by all this weather).

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