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Just not feeling it….

All day I had been looking forward to running after school. End of school had a parent conference, talked with co-teacher about state testing coming up, and the desire to run ran. Away from me! 🙂 So I ended up just running/walking a mile with one of the ladies training for a 5k.

However, I am making up for it be the dinner that I am eating! Grilled fish and broccoli! I have never had grilled fish at home-only when I have gone out to eat. I actually just had to bake this in the oven because it’s the kind of filets that come in the handy dandy box. We’ll see how good they are. Can you believe there are only 90 calories in each filet? With 16 grams of protein? WOW! I guess that’s why they say to eat a lot of fish! 🙂 Here’s a picture of this hopefully scrumptious dinner!

OK-I just started eating, and it is sooooo good! It’s cajun seasoned. I know what I’ll be buying more of in the near future! If I could only get my family to eat it-my kids said DO NOT COOK FISH FOR THEM! 🙂 My husband only eats fried catfish and that’s maybe 2-3 times each year. I guess I’ll just have to make my own sometimes, but it sure will be hard NOT to eat what they are having. 🙂

Well, I’m about to finish supper, MAYBE do my ab workout, do some school stuff, read, and head to bed in a little bit. Goodnight bloggy friends!

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