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Partner reading in science

The kids read the science lesson today with a partner. I had given them the guide-o-ramas to use as they read OR they could go back and complete them after they finished reading the lesson. When I gave them out I went over it with them and explained that the objectives that were listed on the sheet would help them focus their reading on what needed to be understood and mastered. The lesson is 4 pages long, and it took them about 35 minutes to finish. Actually most were finished in about 20 minutes, but around 8 of them took longer.

We played bingo with our vocabulary terms-plus I added in a few more words from the lesson. I had them draw their own bingo card on paper with 9 squares. They got to write the vocab terms on any square in any order. After playing one round we added 6 more squares and words and played 2 more times. They were so engaged with it! I even let the winners pick something out of the prize box. 🙂

I gave them a quiz today (10 questions). Out of 26 kids only 1 made a C. All the others made an A-and about 20 of those made a 100!! I couldn’t have been happier!!

I’m loving this science teaching!

I have been keeping up with the time that it is taking us to do each activity so that I will be able to plan accordingly next year. Hopefully! You know me and my planning! I ALWAYS plan too much!

I know that this lesson on the 9 planets was an easier one for them to understand, but I’m hoping that with the interactive and hands on activities that I plan for each lesson, that the kids will be successful in learning the content.

Of course, I already see an obstacle. We have 36 weeks in the school year. Each lesson will take about a week to cover. Guess how many lessons are in our textbook? About 84! Hmmm….I know I’m not the brightest bulb in the pack when it comes to math, but hello?????

AND-this earth science textbook for our 6th graders is an 8th grade book!! Come on people!! Where is the logic in that?

I asked Mr. Brady (who has taught 6th grade science for 8 years) how I’m supposed to cover everything. He told me I wouldn’t be able to. I asked him how high school teachers get it all covered, and he said they assign chapters and probably don’t “guide” the students through each lesson. So this is my thinking:

It’s better to understand a little then remember nothing. I will just have to skip a lot of lessons so that I can make sure they DO understand what I DO teach. 🙂 Or else this is what I would end up doing:

Ahhhh…the joys of teaching!

How do you cover everything in a school year?

2 thoughts on “Partner reading in science

  1. We have 4 science units to teach each year in Ontario. Of the 4, 2 should be major units, and 2 should be minor units. Teaching all subjects, I have a hard time fitting everything in, so I try to cover the minor units by integrating them with language arts. Creativity will get you through – cluster concepts, and let your FABULOUS creativity guide you – your students will appreciate it, and you’ll have a BLAST teaching it! I can’t wait to keep up on your science posts next year. I’ll be teaching grade 5 science curriculum for the first time ever (looking forward to the switch, but I’ll be creating everything from scratch – no resources, no textbooks … nothing … thank goodness for pinterest) 😉

    <a href="http://www.rundesroom.com"<Runde's Room

    • Jen,

      I’ll be looking forward to your science posts as well! 🙂 I’ll be teaching 5th grade science, too, but I think that textbook is a little easier to work through. I can’t wait to swap ideas! And good luck to you with no resources. Ouch! 🙂

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