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Stop bullying

I am definitely going to put this into my lesson plans for the 1st week of school from now on. It was an attention grabber! I did this the last week of school with my 6th graders, and I believe it hit home.

1st we discussed what bullying is and the many forms of it as well as their thoughts on bullying. Then I had everyone take a piece of paper and ball it up without tearing it and then flatten and smooth it back out. I told them that all of those creases are an example of mean things that are said and done to a person. They had to tell the piece of paper they were sorry. Did the scars go away? No, they never do! Pretty powerful. I got that idea from someone’s pin on pinterest. You can see where I pinned it by going here:


Then I showed them a youtube video on bullying. This is one that makes me tear up EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to make them understand that bullying is a REAL thing with REAL consequences.


I think it got their attention.

I had them do a little writing about bullying after that.

This is a must do lesson for all upper grades. One to revisit again and again!

What kind of lessons do you use for putting a stop to bullying?


3 thoughts on “Stop bullying

  1. Perhaps Edmund Burke said it best on this front when he stated that “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

    I’m not a teacher, but how amazing would it be if we were to bring our children up in such a way that we actively punish them for failing to put an end to any bullying behaviors that they see..?

    All too often, the bully does the bullying in the presence of numerous “good children” that either look on quietly or turn the other way. It isn’t hard for me to imagine what would happen if others would en masse stand up for their fellow students.

    Most bullies will back down when confronted by their victims…one can only imagine how short-lived the bully’s behavior might be if uninvolved classmates immediately stepped in and stopped it quick…before a teacher even knew what was occurring.

    • Michael,

      I wholeheartedly agree with everything you just said! I had several students during the last days of school to accidentally drop the news about a certain kid in our 6th grade class that bullies all the time. My jaw just dropped. I asked why they never said anything-they are too scared of him. Really? It made me want to dropkick that certain child. He is actually supposed to be in the 9th grade-has failed 3 times. He is turning 15 in June. He failed this year, too, from laziness NOT lack of ability, but we socially placed him in 7th grade because of his age. I passed the news on to our counselor and principal, but who knows if it will stop. And you know that his homelife is “probably” what has caused him to turn out this way. 😦

  2. I did the crumpled paper activity the other day with the kiddos, and it definitely made them think a little differently about the long lasting effects of bullying. (BTW just realized your posts haven’t been showing up in my google reader, so I’m catching up!! 🙂

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