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World Run Day

I got my World Run Day shirt in!!! Woohoo!!!

Can’t wait to wear it and run this virtual run on November 11, 2012! Here’s the link if you want to sign up!


I think I might be getting addicted to virtual runs!

On a side note, one of our dogs had her puppies a few days ago-3 of them! This is her 1st litter. Here they are looking like cute little white rats!

I’ll post progress pictures because I KNOW you are in love! 🙂

Have you ever run a virtual race?

Do you have animals?

10 thoughts on “World Run Day

  1. I run virtual races at least once a month. Anywhere 5K hosts them via facebook and twitter. I am also addicted to them. Anytime you want, no fees, no travel to the course. I don’t have any animals. I’ve tried and every time, something happens; they run away, they die, etc

  2. HA!! I almost always like animals more than people!!! We have a terrible mean spoiled rotten cat named Ruby. We have 1 sweet dog, Wendy. She just happens to be the sweetest dog in the world. When my sister had to move to Alabama we kept Wendy for her. We just (thursday) had to put our sweet sweet precious dog Brick down, It broke our hearts! He was almost 17 years old and he was such a good dog. We sure miss that little guy:( Your dog sure has a sweet face! How far are you going to run your virtual run? I really like that shirt.

    • Awwww…that breaks my heart, too, about you having to put your older dog down. We have a 12 year old blue heeler and we know it’s inevitable. Gulp. You should have seen her face the day she had her babies when she thought the other dogs were getting too close. And they were OUTSIDE her pen!!! 🙂 I’m gonna safely say I will run a 10k for that virtual race, but maybe…just maybe….I might be able to do a half?????

  3. Newborn puppy pictures are a MUST!

    I have participated in one virtual run, and it was for a fundraiser for the family of Sherry, a teacher and runner who went missing earlier this year. It was something I am very proud to have participated in, and World Run Day is going on my “to run” list.

    • Amanda,

      I had heard about Sherry’s virtual run. That was so tragic! I’m about to look up Anywhere 5k-someone suggested it for virtual runs!

  4. I’ve never run a virtual race but it sounds like a pretty cool idea. I’m definitely open to participating in one if I find one online that I want to do (I really haven’t been reading too many running blogs lately of those who do virtuals). Plus that shirt is pretty awesome.

    Hope you have a great run!

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