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US history 5th grade lesson 1

I have started tackling the 5th grade history textbook as of late last night and will be moving on to the 6th grade book when this yearlong project is finished. 🙂

There are 15 chapters in the 5th grade book. Each chapter has about 4 or 5 lessons. Let me go ahead and total that up for you. I’ll be back in a minute.

Ok-I’m back. 60 total lessons. There are 36 weeks in a school year do hmmm….. I’ve got some planning to do to be able to cover the info and not just ” skim” it. 🙂

So my summer project is to read each lesson and come up with activities for each lesson. I mean I’ve got to relearn this history in order to teach it and teach it well. 🙂

I am finished with lesson 1 and only have 59 more to go!! Talk about progress! And of course when I read something and then write about it I understand it even more. So I will creating binders for each lesson in live binders. It’s a cool website where you can create online binders that are like 3 ring binders. Here’s the 1 st one I created on lesson 1.


Of course, I will be writing a quick little post about each lesson, too, so if it bores you to tears you can just skip these posts. 🙂 Or you can trudge through them with me and help me learn this history and even give me some inspiring ideas!! Hint hint!!!

7 thoughts on “US history 5th grade lesson 1

  1. I am surprised that you are still teaching to the book. I live in Illinois and we have moved to an inquiry approach to teaching SS and Science. We have specific units to teach in-depth and long gone are the days of plowing through the book. I feel bad for you. The kids really LOVE learning about the past with this type of an approach. Good luck to you!

    • Kathy,

      Actually I am not required to teach to the textbook in history. However, this will be my 1st year teaching history, so I am learning through the textbook so I can teach it to them. 🙂 I would like to use the textbook as a resource-not as the primary source. How do you use inquiry with social studies? What resources do you use? What resources are provided by your school and what do you have to come up with on your own?

      • Now that is the interesting part. We have units that were developed by other teachers in the archdiocese. In sixth grade we only had one unit so I had to come up with the other ones on my own. I can send you the one unit I have if you give me your email. It is quite long. I didn’t follow it completely because I have been teaching sixth grade ss for years and I had some ideas I thought were better.
        I do not have the fifth grade units but I could probably get them from the fifth grade teacher and email them to you too.
        We end up having to use so much of our own resources that it might be hard for you at first, but I think you would find that you really like it and the kids LOVE doing ss this way.
        My first unit for ss is Developing civilizations. Just let me know and I’ll send it to you.

      • Kathy,

        Yes, please send me everything you have or can get!! 🙂 My email is shannonabc123@gmail.com.

        In 5th grade we start with Native Americans and proceed from there. We end with the Civil War. In 6th grade we start with Civil War (or right after it) and end with present day. 🙂

  2. I will get the units from the fifth grade teacher ASAP. My sixth grade units won’t work for you because we do World History in sixth grade starting with early civilizations. I will see if I can get the 7th grade teacher to send me her units. They would be more in line with what you are studying.

    • Thank you so much, Kathy!!! What printed material do you give your students to read? Or do you? Our parents (AND teachers) seem so dependent on textbooks! 🙂

      • We have textbooks, but we end up using trade books that we have either bought or checked out of the library. My parents are used to me by now, I use the textbook very rarely. I give a lot of websites the kids go to to read about the topic. I post those on my class wiki so students can access at home or at the library. I also make time available in class for computer access so that no one has an excuse. The way of the textbook is gone. We don’t even discuss buying new books especially in ss and science because they are outdated by the time they go to print. Since common core is taking over, we tend to use more digital print. I am just very grateful that I do not have to teach math and science anymore and can concentrate on LA. I had to give up my beloved SS for this coming year and I will dearly miss it.

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