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Story of a Girl book review

 Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr

This one earned 3 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed reading it, but have you ever read a book where you felt a little depressed when reading it? Well, that’s the feeling I had during this one. I guess because I sympathized with her so much and wanted to help her or fast forward her life to when this “event” wouldn’t matter as much, and of course I can’t actually have a therapy session with the characters in a book. 🙂

It kept my attention the entire time, but a veil of somberness followed me while I read it. Hey, was that a good description for you? Is somberness even a real word? 🙂

In this book not only does Deanna have to contend with a bad choice she made (which spotlights her in a bad way), but her home life leaves a lot to be desired. I just felt so sorry for her. Her relationship with her dad was in trouble ever since the “event”-he just shut her out more or less. The mending of this relationship is VERY subtle. Which makes Deanna happy, but guess what? I was still left feeling sorry for her.

I WOULD actually recommend this book to young adult girls, but it definitely has some mature content in it.

This was Sara Zarr’s first novel, and in my opinion she did a great job at her first one. I would enjoy reading more from her in the future if she keeps writing.

2 thoughts on “Story of a Girl book review

  1. I’ll be honest . . . I felt like that after reading The Help last summer. SO hard to say I “liked” it . . . what I do like is your honest and thorough book reviews! Oh, and if somberness isn’t already a word, I think it ought to be . . .

    Sending smiles,


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