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The Star Spangled Secret Book Review

The Star-Spangled SecretThe Star Spangled Secret by K.M. Kimball

Goodreads Summary:

Caroline Dorsey refuses to believe her beloved older brother, Charlie, could have fallen from the deck of his ship and drowned. There’s something that rings untrue in the story the ship’s captain has told Caroline’s grieving mother, and Caroline is determined to find out what really happened. With rumors of an impending British attack on Baltimore growing every day, Caroline is in a race against time to get to the bottom of her brother’s disappearance before the war raging around her forces her to abandon the quest. Her search for the truth takes Caroline from her family’s Maryland plantation to President Madison’s White House to the dangerous world of the Baltimore docks. But is there an even greater peril waiting for Caroline much closer to home?

My Thoughts:

What a great little chapter book mystery set back during the War of 1812. Caroline is a feisty and stubborn young girl who believes her brother to be dead by falling off of a ship and drowning. Well, that’s what she is told, but she believes there’s more to the story, and she is determined to find out.
This is an easy read for 4th grade and up. They will especially like it if they are interested in history. There’s only one sentence in the book that makes reference to a mature subject-so I’ll just mark through it with a black marker and be done with it. I really wish sometimes that authors would think deeply about the audience they are writing to (with the parents in mind!!!). 🙂

4 of 5 stars to this one, and they are well deserved!

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