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Four Perfect Pebbles Book Review


Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust StoryFour Perfect Pebbles by Lila Perl, Marion Blumenthal Lazan

Goodreads Summary:

“If she could find four perfect pebbles of almost exactly the same size and shape, it meant that her family would remain whole. Mama and papa and she and Albert would survive Bergen-Belsen. The four of them might even survive the Nazis’ attempt to destroy every last Jew in Europe.”

My Thoughts:

This story is about Marion and her family’s journey from Germany to Holland and back. One of the things that struck me in this book was that she was actually thinking about which one was worse: hunger or the cold. She decided the cold was worse because her stomach shrank after being hungry for so long. Can you imagine trying to decide which of these things were worse?

Once she thought she saw a truck load of firewood at her camp-it was just a truck with dead bodies on it.

At her time of liberation in 1945 Marion was 10 1/2 years old and weighed only 35 pounds. Her mom weighed 75 pounds. Some people even died after being liberated for overeating since their bodies weren’t used to it. 3 years later at the age of 13 1/2 Marion weighed 135 pounds. She had gained 100 pounds in 3 years because of her love for fatty food.

This was another story that will exhaust your emotions.

5 of 5 stars

Here’s the official website for this book Four Perfect Pebbles.


2 thoughts on “Four Perfect Pebbles Book Review

    • N-

      I had a couple of 6th graders read it last year. I don’t think any of my 5th graders read it, but I don’t think that’s too young. The holocaust is in the 6th grade curriculum anyway. 🙂

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