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Teepees and Totem Poles

We ended our Native American studies a few weeks ago, and my 5th graders LOVED learning about their resources, housing, culture, etc. At the end of our unit I decided we needed to have a little fun with some hands on things since we had taken a lot of notes while we were learning our standards. 🙂

We made some totem poles-not out of wood and paint since we do have a time limit in school. 🙂 And NO we didn’t make them to tell the history of our families even though that’s what we learned that Native Americans did. We just made animal faces out of construction paper. Give and take people. Give and take. 🙂


Then we made life size teepees since some Native American groups were nomadic and used this type of housing out of convenience while traveling.


Boy were my 6th graders J.E.A.L.O.U.S. 🙂

Somehow my 5th graders have been able to do a little more hands on with history this year than my 6th graders. In 6th grade we have really been reviewing what they didn’t get to last year. We are almost finished with that (thank goodness since the year seems to be really close to being halfway over!!!). Once 6th grade finishes up with the Civil War, we will FINALLY be on our 6th grade standards and can hopefully get more in depth which will lead to more hands on. I’m hoping. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Teepees and Totem Poles

    • Jen-

      It was so much fun to watch them put them up! I can’t wait until the next FUN thing-I love teaching history. But I can tell you that I REALLY love when we learn or do something WITHOUT the textbook!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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