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Holiday Running Streak

Not this kind of streak.

This kind of streak.

Are you up for it? This is a little after the fact, but better late than never. Seeing how I’ve only run 3 times the WHOLE month of November-YIKES-I say bring it on to the Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak!

The official rules:

It started on Thanksgiving Day. It goes through New Year’s Day. 1 mile each day. That’s all.

You can log your miles on twitter using the #RWRunningStreak hashtag. Or not. 🙂

41 days. 41 miles.

I’ve run 3.48 total so far on 2 different runs, but I’m only going to count today’s 2.48 so the miles can be consecutive.

Who’s in????

7 thoughts on “Holiday Running Streak

  1. Can it be 41 miles total before New Year’s Day? I will want to run more than 1 mile when I go and I don’t think I can go every day. Hmmm… I’m always changing the rules up!

    • Belle-

      I’m a rule breaker along with you! I think that something is always better than nothing so do what you want!! 🙂 Who could argue at all with 41 miles no matter how it’s done???

  2. Okay. I might give it a try too. But I’m going to be even later than you cause I’m just recovering from a nasty virus. But I could handle a mile a day;)

    • Barbara,

      I should have responded to you just once, but hit reply button too fast! 🙂 You can do this challenge. The way I’m looking at it is that even if I “only” run the 1 mile on any given day that’s only around 11 minutes out of my day. Surely I can give that up!

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