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Running Streak Continued

Day 4-1 mile in 9:58

Day 5- 1 mile in 10:29

Day 6- 1 mile in 11:20

Day 7- 1 mile in 11:50

Ummm….do you see a not so good pattern there? Slower….and slower…………………..and s l o w e r…..

We can chalk that up to the timing of eating supper and the mount of supper eaten. LOL!


On the positive side:

1. I HAVE been running each day.

2. I ran everyday at my conference for the 1st time ever.

3. I ran at our teensy weensy track in our teensy weensy town for the 1st time. 9 1/4 laps make 1 mile. I’m not sure who was scared more-me or the armadillo!

File:Nine-banded Armadillo.jpg

Have a great Sunday! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Running Streak Continued

  1. Congratulations on your running! Slow and steady does it, as the trite adage goes. I try to run everyday too! But it has been harder more recently as compared to other weeks. Today, I was able to run for 30 minutes, which is a good thing. 3.5 km which is a little over 2 miles, I believe. That’s pretty slow, but it’s steady, I suppose. I meant to comment on your Monday reading but ended up here instead. 🙂

    • Myra,

      I have GOT to get back in the running groove-I’ve now gained a total of 7 pounds since August!! GAH! 🙂

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