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Holiday Running Challenge

Busted. I skipped a day. 😦

But let’s recap what I have done this week.

Sunday I ran 1 mile AFTER I ate Mexican with the family. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. 🙂 I was bound and determined to continue the running streak so my husband followed me in the car with the headlights on (obviously) while I cranked out a slow and painful run. He kept yelling things at me. Like-Shannon, you’re running a little slow there. Shannon, I’ve only clocked .4. You’re Garmin(he didn’t use the terminology of Garmin seeing how he doesn’t know what it’s called.) is wrong. Shannon, how does that Mexican feel? It seems like it’s slowing you down some. I may or may not have told him to shut up. 🙂

Monday-skipped. Bummer.

Tuesday-Ran 1 whole mile after school with my running buddy. She didn’t yell things at me. 🙂 Score for her!

Wednesday (today)-Kara and I ran 2 miles!! YAY! What mileage!

Our plan for the rest of this week:

Thursday-Run more than 2 miles

Friday-Run more than 2 miles


You know I’ve signed up for a half marathon in February-the Princess Half at Disney World? Nope. Haven’t started training for it yet. So I found a good picture that sums up my lack of training so far.

I have GOT to get started on a training program! Starting tomorrow. 🙂

By the way, I applied AGAIN for some Mizuno shoes with their Run Project. Keeping fingers crossed.

How far did you run today?


10 thoughts on “Holiday Running Challenge

    • Kim,

      Have missed you!! 🙂 I am making a vow to keep up with your blog more so I can read the wonderful way you express your thoughts. You are an awesome writer! 🙂

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