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French and Indian War Comic Strips





Now this was FUN! I’m hoping it made a lasting impression and led to a greater understanding of the French and Indian war. Which by the way-in my opinion wasn’t named correctly since it was a war between the French and British with the Indians being allies of the French. How confusing is that???? They should have kept 5th graders in mind when naming this one. 🙂

We had already read and discussed the French and Indian War and taken notes on it before we did this activity. And STILL-I think I might should have required the same information for everyone in the 4 frames. If you could see each one you would notice that a couple of kids got a little confused about the Proclamation of 1763 and the Treaty of Paris. I mean who wouldn’t? So note to self for next year-TEACH FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR, MAKE COMIC STRIPS, THEN LEARN ABOUT PONTIAC’S REBELLION. 🙂 PROBLEM SOLVED!

I originally put this in my lesson plans for 2 days-2 class periods that is. Next year it will be going down in the books for 3 days. Unless I have them finish it for homework, and I’m not too keen on homework. 🙂

All in all, this was FUN, engaging, and student centered. I have detected another problem though. When the kids are actively working on something where they don’t need too much of my help I GET BORED! I’m thinking of buying a pedometer to see how many miles I walk each day at school in my classroom. 🙂 Maybe I should start making what they make when it’s a project like this!!!!

This is definitely a lesson/activity that I will repeat in the years to come!






Since I don’t really have an original bone in my body here are a couple of links where I got this idea. 🙂

Mr. Husted’s Class

John Jones’ Elementary School

Do you have a lesson/activity that is so good that you will do forever????


3 thoughts on “French and Indian War Comic Strips

  1. Shannon,
    I absolutely love your postings! Although, I’ve never met you, I envision you being the kind of Super Star teacher Todd Whitaker talks about in his book. I would love to have you in my school district! I still need to call your principal and share with him how blessed he is to have a teacher as yourself. Of course, I’m sure he already is aware of this. You are an inspiration to me as an educator, as well as a motivator for weight loss. This has been a big challenge for me. Thanks for the great work you do for others each day!

    • Dr. Summerville,

      You just made my day!!! And I needed those kind words today since one of my 5th graders was looking in the index of his history book while we were attempting to write a 3 sentence summary of a schoolhouse rock video (ok, yes he was using a skill I’ve taught him so that was good!!! ). However, when I asked him what he was looking for he said he couldn’t remember what the word Mayflower meant. Sigh. Really?? We’ve already learned that PLUS the video showed the mayflower on the ocean, and we watched it twice, made a list of details we noticed on the board, and then narrowed them down to the big 3 ideas. Lol!! I’m thinking medicine would be a good option for him. 🙂 Or some for me!

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