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Best lesson all year

My “Fix It” crew of 5th graders!! Yesterday I was out of school for a math training, and my sub slammed the top desk drawer to get it to close all the way. Oh, it closed alright. It was STUCK this morning. Now you may be thinking-Oh, what’s the big deal?

Well, my SUPPLIES are in that drawer. You know the ones that I sell to students when they don’t have theirs. EVERYDAY. 🙂

So first thing this morning one of my homeroom kids wants to buy a pencil. Hmmm…I can’t get the drawer open. They tell me that they’re not supposed to tell me but ummm the sub slammed it yesterday and it got stuck. 🙂

I tried to open it and couldn’t so I left it alone and got on with our day.

2nd class comes in. Can I buy a pencil? HA!

Then they tell me (even though they aren’t supposed to) that the sub got it stuck. LOL!

They wanted to try and fix it so I let em. I mean what’s a teacher to do? They figured it out that it had latched on something so they took all that apart. Now it works! Best lesson all year was for them to figure that out and fix it.

Well, also to never slam a drawer again! 🙂



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