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Conference, walking, reading, and rodeo

I’m at a conference for the first part of this weekend and then THE RODEO Saturday night with family. Been looking forward to this weekend ALL week. 🙂

We had our opening session/dinner from 6-8 tonight. Then I checked into the hotel and got situated.

I created a Facebook page for my 5/6 graders after one of them mentioned us having one today. I sure hope it takes off. I’m thinking of so much learning and thinking that could take place.

I walked/ran 3 miles around the hotel with my friend Patty from north Alabama. There’s a reason I put “ran” 2nd. 🙂 We had too much talking to do!!!

Now I’m back in my room about to start a book that an author sent me to read and review. I’m so excited to be able to do this. Grant Overstake wrote a book called Maggie Vaults Over the Moon. He contacted me about reading and reviewing it. How could I turn down an offer like that??? 🙂 I’ve always said if I couldn’t be a teacher I would love to work in the book world!

Looking forward to the workshop sessions tomorrow and then the RODEO with my family!!!!!!!!

Have a great Saturday!

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