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Common Core Workshop



I’ve been at a conference all weekend and went to a couple of common core workshops that gave a general overview of our new common core standards.

Here are some highlights from the sessions:

1. There are GAPS in the standards where certain standards have been moved to other grade levels. It is the teacher’s responsibility to find these gaps and teach them. Yeah, that’s going to be a doozy! 🙂

2. The common core calls for more rigor. This translates into the kids not just knowing or memorizing the content but being able to EXPLAIN verbally and in writing how they arrived at the answer or why they know it. They will have to APPLY their knowledge.

3. The new standards are a NEW WAY OF TEACHING. Students will have to be able to communicate effectively so this means lots of partner talk, group discussions, and writing about their learning.

4. Then of course there are the 8 mathematical practice standards which are basically “habits of mind” and the 10 literacy strands that are to be implemented in all core subjects.

Here’s the common core website:

Common Core

Here’s a great website that the Alabama State Department has created with the standards, resources, etc. on it. Sort of a central go to place.

Alabama College and Career Ready Standards Website

What kind of training have you been to for these new and rigorous national standards???

8 thoughts on “Common Core Workshop

  1. I teach in an IB school so what we have been doing was very similar. I’ve been on the Common Core Design team for Language Arts in our district this year. I like the idea that students can no longer just guess their way around a curriculum. I feel this requires them to be an active partner in their learning. To me, (I am definitely much older than you), this is taking it back to the way it was years ago where you had to write to explain what you were learning. I am glad we have them. I know it has been helpful to have others in my school knowledgeable in them so that we can help all become better acquainted with them.

    • Sandra,

      I am hoping that we have lots of training on the common core in our district, but not sure if that will happen. 🙂 I agree with you-if kids have to explain their thinking it’s a much better assessment of what they know, they can’t just guess an answer, and it stretches their brain which enables them to become critical thinkers. I’m wondering though if there will be a change in the way we assess them, too. Not the yearly state assessment because I’m guessing 🙂 that will have to change. I’m talking about the teacher assessments we give each week in our classes. Will they have to be a majority of short answer and written responses or will teachers still be allowed to give mostly fill in the blank, matching, and multiple choice? What changes have y’all made this year with that?

  2. Hi,

    I teach in Georgia where we started implementing the CCSS this year. It’s rigorous, but if your county doesn’t micromanage the way you teach, it can be really fun. Here is a link that can help you plan your units.

    We’ll see how the kids hold up to the PARCC assessment when it rolls out for us next year.

    We teach the American Revolution in 4th grade here, and I am really excited to use your video tomorrow!

    P.P.S. Your running has inspired me to kick my butt into gear. Thanks!

    • Jessica,

      Thank you soooo much for that link! I wish it went through 6th because I think I will be teaching 6th next year but I can still use the majority of it. I love how it gives an example of what you can do to meet that standard!!!!! 🙂

      We don’t know what kind of assessment we will be giving next year.

      Have fun with the video AND the running!!


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