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Jellybean Virtual 5k Race

YAY! I got it done. I ran 3.1 miles this evening for Run With Jess annual Jellybean Virtual Run. It was a slow one. I can totally feel it when I don’t run on a regular basis. Like I felt it for 38:15 minutes. 🙂

BUT-it felt soooooo good to run this far again! I took 4 of the 7 dogs with me up the dirt road. (Hey, don’t judge!! We are animal lovers!)



A little goofy, but we can’t all be beauty queens! 🙂

It was a GREAT Easter 2013! Hope yours was fantastic as well.


6 thoughts on “Jellybean Virtual 5k Race

  1. Good to know that a “virtual” 5k still involves running. That seems like the best kind– showing up at a race always stresses me out!Your time MUST be because it’s still cold out; it’s a good excuse.

    • Ms. Yingling,

      Yeah, I wish I could use that excuse for running so slow. 🙂 In reality it’s because I’ve not run too much at all lately!! Obviously, I’m not running right now either. 🙂

    • Amanda,

      If I stayed away from the “jelly beans” and other stuff I might be faster right now than that AWFUL 38:15! 🙂 Our dead hamster could run faster than that!

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