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Added some new blog pages

I just added some new pages to my blog. These are from my old blog when I taught Reading to 6th graders.

They are titled:

Reading Tools

Grammar Practice

Comprehension Skills

Comprehension Strategies

Linky Link Parties

CAFE/Daily 5

Maybe you can find something beneficial. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Added some new blog pages

  1. We’ve started using Daily Grammar Practice with our students (7th & 8th grade) this year. Our high school already uses it. For the most part I like it. We also do diagramming on Fridays. I give the students dry erase markers to write on their desks. They love it, and I see them really working to understand how the sentence fits together.

    • Kay,

      I didn’t use it this year because my english block is only like 20 minutes so I started the year with the english book (Yuck) 🙂 and then moved on to writing. It’s so hard to get anything substantial done with this amount of time. Next year I may teach 6th grade all subjects and have looked a little at Jeff Anderson’s mentor sentences. Have you heard of them?

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