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ABCs of the American Revolution

This post is a little late, but still wanted to share. We wrapped up our unit on the American Revolution by completing this ABC project. I got this fabulous idea from Sabra (how cool is her name???) over at Teaching With a Touch of Twang. She does a great job explaining the project!

She created an ABC vocabulary list. I let my students choose one word for each letter. Then they had to:

1. Write the word in the letter box

2. Use the word in a sentence

3. Choose 10 to illustrate.

4. Make a colorful heading

I’m not sure what sized paper we used (it was leftover from my Kindergarten days)-it was bigger than 8 X 10. They had to fold it to get the creased boxes.

The kids seemed to really enjoy this project and stayed engaged with it. It was a great way to REVIEW-amazing how a few of them REALLY had to look back in their notebook and textbook for some of the information!

It was meant to be a 2 day project, but…..as the story goes-it turned into a 3 day project. It ALWAYS takes longer with these types of things. It seems like we are always waiting on 2 or 3 kids to finish. 🙂




Definitely something we will do again.

Thank you, Sabra!!!!! 🙂

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