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Roll and Read Fun

28 days left in school. Spring fever. 6th grade. Need I say more?

With the ants in the pants syndrome that I the kids have right now, I decided to spice things up a bit for me them.

We are studying WWII right now with the next lesson being on how the war affected the people back home. Since this lesson isn’t one of the “sequence” lessons where it has to go in order to make sense I made a “ROLL and READ” activity to put some spark into it for them. 🙂

They will roll a die and read a certain section depending on what number they rolled. Pretty cool, huh?


Here’s a copy of the Roll and Read sheet in PDF format:

Roll and ReadWWII

If you want a template that you can edit here you go:

Roll and ReadWWII2

I grabbed the text that they will read from History On The Net.

On the PDF version I got the cute little clips from Krista’s Borders.

The cute little hamster clipart came from Melonheadz.

Do you have any ideas to spice things up these last few weeks of school????

5 thoughts on “Roll and Read Fun

  1. My son won a huge inflatable dice at Putt Putt golf and gave it to his 7th grade Science teacher. She used it for all sorts of things before it finally broke. What a great way to engage your restless learners! We’ve also used “Happy Meal” cards for groups – pass out the cards randomly, then all milk shakes work together, etc. Or, need groups of four? All four parts of a McDonald’s meal get together, all four of a WhatABurger meal, etc. I have those cards made up if you want to email me for the printable pdf!

    • Barbara,

      I’m about to email you for that pdf! What a neat way to divide into groups for group work!!! 🙂

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