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June Currently

June the 1st. Can you believe it????? 🙂 Happy days are here.

I’m linking up with Farley over at Oh, Boy 3rd Grade for her Currently linky.



LISTENING: We live in the country so I get to hear all sorts of lyrical tunes like frogs, crickets, birds, and coyotes. Tonight the coyotes have struck up what sounds like a rhythm band, and the dogs have joined in. Music to my ears. But they better hush when I’m ready to go to bed! 🙂

LOVING: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new iphone 5!! OMG!! I’m not sure how productive I’ll be for the rest of the summer…..

THINKING: Yes, I really do miss my husband. Oh, he’s coming home. He just works 3rd shift (for a year now), and it would be nice if he was on day shift-then we could be a normal family and fuss and get on each other’s nerves. 🙂 I even miss him after he cut through our phone line today with the bulldozier which in turn took MY INTERNET DOWN. Then he told me not to get the phone company to fix it until he finishes with the driveway. Now you have to understand-I’m still waiting on him to finish other projects from 7 years ago. But guess what I remembered? That I got this little hotspot box when I got my iphone and IT GIVES ME WI-FI!! I’m back in business!!!

WANTING: I SERIOUSLY want to go to the beach!!! But I got accepted to the National Writing Project and start on Monday-June 3rd so the trip will be postponed to sometime in July. Sigh. BUT I’m SO excited about the Writing Project. Come back and visit cause I’ll be posting lots!

NEEDING: I’m in dire need of another diet pepsi from the kitchen, but I’ve GOT to get this post written, published, and linked up before 453 more people do it in front of me. 🙂

AND my 3 vacation essentials would be books, running shoes, and MORE BOOKS!! I.LOVE.TO.READ.


What are you currently doing???

13 thoughts on “June Currently

  1. I cannot wait to hear about the National Writing Project! Way to go! Sorry to hear about your internet. Thank goodness for the iphone! Hope you get to spend some quality time with your husband this summer!

    • Julie,

      The iPhone is awesome especially since it’s like my iPad so I’m already a little familiar with it!

  2. I fell off the chair, I’m laughing so hard at your NEEDING… that was me a couple of hours ago. LOL!

    I’m waiting to hear all about the Writing Project!

  3. Love my iPhone. I cant’t wait to hear all about the Writing Project. I love that you read and run just like me. I want to steal your blog name 😉

    So glad you found me…I’m a new follower!


    • Thanks, Wendy!! Lol! I figured this blog name summed it up. But actually thought about including eat since I LOVE food but too wordy. 🙂

  4. Have fun tomorrow! For me it’s Diet DP. Still in school and still packing up the library. But #bookaday is waiting. And so’s the treadmill. Or maybe outside once it stops raining and the stupid mold count goes down.

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