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National Writing Project-Day 2

Let me start this post by saying that I am moderating a twitter chat Thursday night at 8pm CST with a teacher friend from Arizona!!!! How exciting is that???? The book chat is on Notice and Note-Close Reading by Kylene Beers and Bob Probst. Kylene will actually be joining in our chat!!!!!!!!!! Can we say HOLLYWOOD??? Come join us at #NNNchat! OK-on to day 2 of the writing project. Here are some pics-actually from day 1! πŸ™‚ 965508_3130818645028_1300198003_o I felt the same way a kindergartener feels on the 1st day of school-SO EXCITED! All I was missing was a backpack. Oh, and a jumbo #2 pencil. You remember the kind that you had to carry on your shoulder because it was so big? 969241_3130818765031_577398453_n Sorry, this has nothing to do with the writing project, but this littleΒ huge fellow was crossing the road while I was on my way. 965632_3130819565051_1838627923_o Snacks are always good. I mean that’s not why I applied for the writing project or anything. πŸ™‚ 965919_3130818605027_1246289968_o Oh.My.Word. Or words. Lots of them. These are the PD books I checked out to read and write about for the next 4 weeks! Yummy! 980424_3130818725030_291800928_o These are the books I left behind. Just because I couldn’t carry anymore. πŸ™‚ 980424_3130818685029_1335734505_o A little decoration for us rock stars. πŸ™‚ That’s our theme! 976692_3130819525050_1671564828_o This is my workspace. Look how neat it is. I straightened it up real quick before I snapped the picture! Now that I’ve overloaded your brain with images here are some other things for day 2: I was one of the ones who had to do a daily journal entry on day 2. They told us we could be as creative as we wanted. I was tiredly creative. At midnight. πŸ™‚ So I created a word cloud in TAGXEDOΒ in the shape of a guitar. Since we are rock stars. NWPTagxedo

One of our writing project leaders created her journal in Zooburst. Β It was so cool. It’s a site where you can create digital story books that are POP UP BOOKS!!!!!!!!!! Neat!

For our reading, research, and writing time I read the book Words, Words, Words by Janet Allen. All I can say is WOW! Well, I can say more than that, but I’m tired. πŸ™‚ I’ll be doing a review of the book later on. It’s a must read for vocabulary. If you are looking for word strategies then THIS IS THE BOOK!

Our instructor went over the details for our teacher demonstration lesson that we have to do. 75-90 minutes. WOWZA! We voted on topics that we would like to discuss during our Round Table discussions. Several of mine were chosen-thank the good Lord above!! πŸ™‚

Part of our day was spent attending a workshop at the CORE Academy that the University is sponsoring. Our session was “The Good, the Bad, and how to avoid the Ugly” with technology in the classroom. The presenter was a high school Geometry teacher. Here’s a synopsis:

Characteristics for ongoing failure Β  1. Fear 2. Poor classroom management 3. Non-engaged lessons 4. Inexperience in trouble shooting 5. Insufficient network

Characteristics for success 1. Better classroom management 2. Good organization of teacher materials 3. Student engagement 4. Increase # of performance tasks and other assessments 5. Greater communication for students/parents

The presenter said google apps is a must in the classroom. He also urged us to create a zero alibi environment. Meaning to put all learning material on the web so students/parents have access at all times and to communicate with them regularly-for example through email. I’m going to list some of the sites/apps that he mentioned that he used in his classroom. I’m not going to hyperlink them because I’m too lazy tired. πŸ™‚

Splashtop Remote, Explain Everything, Itunes U, Good Notes, Google Drive, Dropbox, Tweetcaster, Notes Plus, Nearpod, Ducklink, Keynote, thatquiz.org, and stage. Have you heard of any of these or do you use them??

After the session we discussed a couple of chapters from the book New Writing. One teacher had her 2nd grade students create a digital project by creating a 1)All About Me page 2) Page about something they liked writing about 3) Expert page-used web resources to compile information

Some more sites that got mentioned were think.com, edmodo, and photopin. One of our teachers in the project said her english college students write blogs but they first write their posts in google docs so they can peer edit/revise-then copy and paste into blogger. Liked that idea! πŸ™‚

AFTER the day was over, it wasn’t really over. πŸ™‚ I chose to go the keynote speaker’s presentation from 4:00-5:30. Dr. Mark Milliron-his website.

He essentially said that we/our students need the following 3 things for our students to succeed:

1. A purpose for what they are doing 2. Engagement 3. Tenacity

He also made a good point. He said in video games kids have to have the knowledge and skills to get to the next level, they get assessed before going to the next level, and without early feedback you lose them. Hmmm…..doesn’t it make sense that we would practice this in our classrooms?

He told about a teacher who INSTEAD of writing comments/feedback on her students’ writing she sent them MP3 files where she had recorded herself talking about their writing. Students said they LOVED it-felt like she was right over their shoulder the whole time.

He mentioned a few sites for getting educational information/content: oercommons.orgΒ , hippocampus.orgΒ , connexionsΒ . Khan Academy has micro lectures in 15-20 minute segments-lots of math ones.

Mark talked about us living in a data rich world. Example was how quickly amazon gets your data-in an instant-and then gives you visual recommendations based on that data in a simple way. The new Ford Focus car has a screen with a digital display of a plant that either grows if you drive carefully and safely or DIES if you don’t. Feedback as you drive and evidence of your driving. Hmmm….

Another site mentioned (like there haven’t been enough already :)) was Wolfram Alpha. Mathematical computations-OH MY! He was a very entertaining speaker. πŸ™‚ And there you have it-DAY 2 of my experience in the National Writing Project. Whew!



7 thoughts on “National Writing Project-Day 2

  1. Oh, Shannon – I am SO so proud of you! I can feel the enthusiasm in your voice. Yay. And Ms. Beers? I am over-the-moon with excitement for you! Keep us posted; your passion is contagious.

    • Thanks so much, Barbara!! It ended up being an awesome chat tonight! We trended on twitter! Ha! I am so FULL of learning right now. Actually, I’m a little tired…. but so excited about everything!

    • I definitely need to get organized and make a list. Narrow things down. Play around with the things I want to try out. πŸ™‚

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