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It’s Monday-What Are You Reading? 6/10/13

Here we are with another chance to share wonderful books with each other thanks to Jen and Kellee over at Teach Mentor Texts and Sheila over at Book Journey who both sponsor this great meme each week for young adult/children and adult respectively!



Words, Words, Words: Teaching Vocabulary in Grades 4-12Writing Workshop: The Essential Guide from the Authors of Craft Lessons

Upper Elementary



Seriously...I'm Kidding

I will be reading (and hopefully reviewing) LOTS of PD books this summer as part of the National Writing Project AND just because I want to. 🙂 These were 2 gems that I read this past week as part of my professional reading withthe  NWP. We have to read and complete 8 annotated bibliographies in 4 weeks, and if my math is right I am right on target!

Gossamer by Lois Lowry was DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE. I ended up really liking it even though I wasn’t sure about it since this is not my usual genre that I would choose to read. It’s fantasy. Here’s a review from goodreads (Maria):

I absolutely loved this book. The idea of “bestowing memories” from possessions was intriguing to me. Made me think about what possessions I have and what memories could be bestowed from them. I highly recommend this book!

Are you intrigued? 🙂

And finally. Finally, I listened to my 2nd audio book in my entire life and LOVED THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so easy to listen to and very entertaining since Ellen herself was the narrator. VERY ENTERTAINING! 🙂 Like snicker out loud entertaining.

I have now started Hold Fast by Blue Bailliett, a middle grade novel. Liking it but mad at the dad right now. Hope there’s a good explanation……….

What are your reading? Anything I would like?


22 thoughts on “It’s Monday-What Are You Reading? 6/10/13

  1. I *love* audiobooks and you’ve peaked my interest enough that I might download the Ellen book. I’m certain she’s an *excellent* narrator! I saw Blue Bailliett speak at TLA this spring. She’s so pretty and poised. I haven’t read anything of hers yet so I’ll look for your review of the book to see how you liked it.
    I’m Lovin Lit

    • Book Blather,

      Gossamer is exactly what you said-intriguing. And loved Littlest One’s delicate nature and character!

    • Myra,

      I really liked Gossamer. I have to say at first I was thinking really? But it came together for me. A VERY neat concept!

    • Rebecca,

      Now that one sounds interesting! Sometimes (ok, a lot) I wonder how books keep getting written without repeating the same storylines. BUT…goodness gracious if there’s not a new plot just around the corner all the time. Lucky for us! 🙂

      • It actually reminds me a lot of I Am Legend. Have you read the book? The movie was a lot different, so if you only saw you movie, you got some of the book story, but not all. But it’s just such a interesting, unique take on a “crazy virus that might wipe out the population” story!

      • Rebecca,

        I haven’t read or seen I Am Legend, but I like those “crazy” topics that may or may not come true one day…. 🙂

    • Kellee-

      Now I’m reading Word Nerds written by teachers and LOVE it! Their vocabulary teaching routine is one that you could take to your classroom TOMORROW! Very easy to follow and understand!

  2. I am also trying to read a zillion PD books this summer! I brought home everything from my office shelves that I haven’t read yet PLUS a lot of my favorites that I want to reread! I’m reading Assessment in Perspective and Children Want to Write right now for new reads and rereading In the Middle and Teaching Outside the Box, probably the two most influential books on teaching I’ve ever read. I’ll definitely be following your blog now so I can keep up with what you’re reading and enjoying. I love Janet Allen–esp It’s Never Too Late!

    • Elisabeth,

      All of those books sound good. I want to reread In the Middle this summer, too. I’m going to take part in a Cyber PD book study in July. They are deciding tomorrow (June 12) what book it will be on. Check out my post in the am of 6/12 to read more about it!

  3. I stole Hold Fast from the school collection to read sometime this summer. Generally like Blue Balliet.

    Two of my favorite audiobooks are Cosmic (Frank Cottrell Boyce) and The Wish List (Eoin Colfer). Cosmic because it’s hilarious. And The Wish List is cool because the characters all have really distinctive accents. And it’s a more interesting story than like Artemis Fowl.

    • Angie,

      I’ve never read anything else by Blue Balliet. Will have to research that.
      Checking into the 2 audiobooks you mentioned-realized that the funny audiobook held my attention WAY BETTER than the mystery.

  4. I love Gossamer. I’ve read it aloud to a few different classes now, and each group loved it. Glad you’re sharing it this week 🙂

    • Bluestockingthinking,

      I have so many books that I want to share next year with my 6th graders through read alouds! 🙂

    • Silver,

      I’m heading over to see what you’ve been reading. I.do.need.the.rest. 🙂 Congrats on your retirement!

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