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National Writing Project-Day 3


Day 3 of the National Writing Project


We had our journal share time. Rodney did a simple power point summarizing what we had done on day 2. Rachel created a crossword puzzle, and the border was made using Tagxedo so the words in the border were the same ones used in the puzzle. Then we completed the puzzle. Which was fun. 🙂 Discovery’s Puzzle Maker looks like a good site to make the puzzles.

We went to an AWESOME Core Academy workshop on integrating technology into the language arts classroom. The presenters were 2 teachers here in Alabama who I am already following in the blogging world. How neat is that? I finally got to meet some cyberbuddies,  Cara at Teaching My Calling and Farrah at Think Share Teach. Their session gave us A LOT of websites to use in the classroom. A LOT. 🙂

Here they are in no particular order:

Edmodo: like a facebook for teachers and students. There are 2 parts to it-professional and students.

Spelling/Vocabulary City: you can put your spelling lists into this site-has lots of activities

GoGo News: news on the students’ level

FCRR: lots of literacy resources

Livebinders: an online 3 ring binder for organization

Fakebook: can create a “fake” facebook page

Pics 4 Learning: Royalty free pictures

Trip Wow: turn pictures into slideshow

Clay Yourself: make your own avatar

Build Your Wild Self:create a funny picture, then write about it

Wimp Yourself: make a diary of a wimpy kid image of yourself

Class Tools: timers, name generator, etc.

QR Stuff: create your own qr codes

Toondo: create a cartoon

Fluxtime: create animation

Voki: create an avatar-add sound

Prezi: jazzy presentations

Now that you’re probably reading this 17 days later after visiting all of those fantastic sites…..

We also went to a workshop about Challenge Based Learning-very unique kind of learning. The students actually completely drive the  instruction. The teacher presents a guiding question and then becomes a facilitator throughout this process.

During our reading, researching, and writing time in the afternoon I did some reading on Ralph Fletcher’s Writing Workshop. Loved this book and got lots of great insight into the writing workshop with some stuff I want to make sure I implement. The only thing that I can’t really grasp is the idea of so much choice during an hour of writing each day. Anybody out there in the upper grades use this method for writing?

I’m thinking that I will definitely do:

mini-lessons, lots of writing time, conferences, small groups, response groups, peer editing, share time

I also wrote a poem to be turned in Thursday (the next day).



I LOVE writing poetry. Just found out this year that I like to write it. May not be good at it, but still like it. 🙂

So there you have it-Day 3 of the National Writing Project!!!!!!!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “National Writing Project-Day 3

  1. Shannon,

    It was great to meet you! I feel like I’ve met a celebrity. Thanks for including me in your post! As for writing workshop, I’ve been doing it the Ralph Fletcher way for years, and writing is usually my students’ favorite subject. They love the freedom of writing about what they want, and I think it gives them a sense that they are real writers so they own that time.


    • Farrah,
      It was great meeting you, too! 🙂 So how do you make sure you teach the common core standards for the 3 types of writing-narrative, informational, and argumentative? Trying to wrap my mind around it!

      • I incorporated the Common Core standards into my writing lessons, and had the kids try out each thing I taught them. I approached it in a positive way, telling them that they would get to learn how to write in some of their favorite genres they like to read. We did write long pieces over several days, but they had choices as to the content, and the kids knew that once they finished the assignment they were free to work on whatever writing they wanted to. I was able to lengthen my writing block and use the computer lab time to allow them to type.

      • Farrah,

        That’s what I’ve been thinking. Teach it, practice it. But early finishers work on choice writing. I’m trying to figure out a schedule for next year, and it seems that it would be nice if we had a 13 hour day. THEN I might be able to do everything I want to do. 🙂

    • Courtney,

      A great time and a BUSY time. 🙂 And then of course I get so distracted-blogging, twitter, blogging, twitter, twitter… 🙂

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