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National Writing Project-Day 4

Day 4 was the end of week 1.

For our journal time (which is an account of the day before) Holly created a VERY visual poster in glogster EDU.

We had our reading, research, writing time. I read Writing Workshop by Ralph Fletcher. Great book by a great author.

Writing Workshop: The Essential Guide from the Authors of Craft Lessons

Melissa showed us lots of cool sites that can be used in the classrom and to organize your digital life. πŸ™‚

Symbaloo-a way to visually bookmark sites. Would be great for research, too. And I’m wanting to create one that has book cover pictures of all the books that I want to recommend to my 6th graders.

Diigio– a social bookmarking site. She said the cool thing about this is that you can highlight parts of a website, page, text, etc. When you bookmark it and then revisit it later, THE HIGHLIGHTS ARE STILL THERE!

Google docs– Great way to save docs, presentations online.

Poll Everywhere- you’ve got to check this out. You can create questions on this site. Then your students can answer the question(s) from their cell phone (text), twitter, or just the website. Great formative assessment!

Jing– can capture the computer screen image, can record audio, and can record a video of what you are doing on your computer screen. This is one way people are creating all those video tutorials out there!

Melissa also shared a grammar instruction book that she used when she was in the classroom-Image Grammar by Harry Noden.

Image Grammar : Using Grammatical Structures to Teach Writing(Bk & Cdrom)

Image Grammar: Teaching Grammar as Part of the Writing Process

1st edition and 2nd edition. Of course, I hurried and ordered my copy last week. Can’t remember which copy I ordered though. πŸ™‚

She swears by this book-embedded grammar instruction.

During our afternoon discussion we talked about the chapter in our New Writing book that dealt with more digital projects in the classroom. My favorite part of that chapter was the Poetry Rotation. The teacher had the students choose a poem that they would read aloud to the class and record themselves reading it. They got to choose the poem they wanted to read.

I would LOVE to do this, but with a little bit of a different spin. I would want the entire class to read the poem all week as a shared reading activity. THEN one student would be recorded on Friday reading it aloud.

Last but not least we met in our response groups and shared our writing. We each had to read aloud our writing-then the group members would talk to us about our writing-something they liked, clarifications, and revising. I WILL BE DOING THIS NEXT YEAR WITH MY 6TH GRADERS!! What a great chance for them to READ THEIR WRITING, speak and listen in a group, and get feedback on their writing. πŸ™‚

So that was Day 4 in a nutshell. Stay tuned for Day 5.



6 thoughts on “National Writing Project-Day 4

  1. I love “Writers Workshop” it was introduced to me in my Grad classes & I have already tried to implement some of the ideas during my student teaching tenure. Another great book is “Deeper Reading” by Kelly Gallagher. I really love the ideas and thinking he shares in his book. It really opened my eyes & helped me become a more aware reader myself. I really plan on using a lot of his activities and strategies next year in my 6th grade Language Arts class.

    • Melissa,

      I’ve read one of Kelly Gallagher’s books-Readicide but not Deeper Reading. Might have to get that one and add it to my stack!

      The one thing that I don’t think I would be able to implement from the writer’s workshop method is all the choice in writing. I mean I know I could give them choice of topic, but not sure how I would give them choice of what type of writing to do. Any suggestions on that?

      • I think I would give them a definitive topic and then allow them to use their creativity to relay any type of writing. Maybe as an end of the semester or end of year activity to get a better grasp/assess the comprehension of the different types of writing types used/introduced up that time or throughout the year. Just an idea how to implement this strategy.

        Good luck. BTW school doesn’t start for us until Aug. 5th, so I am lucky enough to have a little more time to plan & map the curriculum for the impending school year.

      • Melissa,

        Ours starts August 19th so me, too. I like the idea of letting them choose maybe at end of 6 weeks or semester. Builds in choice AFTER teaching different genres. I need to play around with a schedule of all of this before I lose what thoughts I do have! πŸ™‚

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