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National Writing Project-Day 5


I had another journal due today. I decided to create a bingo board for us to play with butterscotch morsels as the game pieces. YUM! (That I’m actually snacking on as I write this post.) 🙂 And I’m playing this mind game with myself that every morsel takes away 2 calories from my body. But I digress….

I made the bingo board on Teachnology. You can make 3 X 3 cards or 5 X 5 cards.

Here’s the one I made:



During my reading, writing, research time I read lots of Word Nerds by Brenda OVerturf, Leslie Montgomery, and Margot Smith. LOVING it!

Our round table topic was ASSESSING WRITING. Lots of great discussion on this topic! 🙂

These are the notes I took during our discussion. As you can see they are TRULY notes. 🙂

Round table-Assessing Writing

Rubrics-have them for EVERYTHING-not just each type (narrative, informational, argumentative)

Look at content/organization MOST

Run-ons/Fragments/Comma splices/Subject-Verb Disagreements/Pronoun Referencing(These are most common mistakes college teachers see)

One grade for content-One grade for mechanics-Maybe average them together

1st piece of writing-check, mark, conference so they know what their goals are(don’t grade)

Response Groups or Peer Editing

Could put all writing on the wall and everyone read and comment

Read aloud their writing so they can check themselves-will probably catch errors

Teach grammar within writing

Minimal Marking-You don’t correct it for them-you highlight and might ask them something that makes them think what may be wrong-they have to figure it out

Within context-have them look at what they are reading-find an example-write-explain why they chose to write it that way

These were things that were thrown out there-more or less a matter of opinion from different teachers, but I thought most of it was right on target.

What are your thoughts on assessing writing?



3 thoughts on “National Writing Project-Day 5

  1. I love your blog and how much you share. Thank you!

    I’m wondering if your writing class is talking about the Six Traits and how they assess them in writing pieces.

    You are AWESOME to share with the world about what you teach and learn. 🙂

    • Cindy-

      Thanks! I love learning and sharing and discussing. We have not talked about the 6 traits, but I’m curious about them, too, so I will DEFINITELY be bringing them up for discussion. Thanks for reminding me about them! 🙂

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