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3rd Annual #CyberPD-Share Your Stack June 12th

This is the 1st time I’ve participated in #CyberPD. I can’t wait to see what treasure gets chosen for us to read and discuss!

I took the following from Cathy’s blog to give you some information about this event, and you can head over to their blogs to read more about it:

Laura Komos at Our Camp Read-a-LotJill Fisch at My Primary Passion and Cathy at Reflect and Refine will be hosting #cyberPD.  CyberPD is an event in which educators read and discuss a shared professional book over a three week period in July.  Our first #cyberPD event was in 2011 and the number of participants has grown each year.

2011 #cyberPD:  Conferring:  The Keystone of Reader’s Workshop
2012 #cyberPD:  Opening Minds
2013 #cyberPD:  To Be Announced

So here’s my stack of PD books I would LIKE to read this summer. Get ready. Do you have your life jacket on? Because you are about to take the plunge. Dive in. 🙂


Voila. HAHAHAHA…..Like I will ever have time to read all of these. BUT-I have read Notice and Note (actually doing a twitter book chat on it #NNNchat June 13th and 20th at 8pm if anyone is interested). I’m reading Word Nerds. And I have read several of these several years ago and want to reread.

Don’t know if this is even possible, but I’m willing to give it a try…. 🙂

Of course, the whole month of June I’m involved with the National Writing Project which on one hand encourages me to read PD books, but on the other hand it’s taking up a lot of time. Well worth it though. Loving it. 🙂

Can’t wait to find out which book is picked for our #CyberPD book study. Always love reading AND discussing books!!!


6 thoughts on “3rd Annual #CyberPD-Share Your Stack June 12th

  1. Oh my! You make my stack look small and possible! And you’re participating in #NWP??? You’re going to have to share your time management tips. You have a lot of great books here. I’m wondering what you would consider to be your top five? Glad you are joining the conversation.


    • Cathy-

      Well, you know we get some built in time during the day at #NWP to read PD. 🙂 OK-my top 5. Hmmm…..it actually wouldn’t matter because I’m implementing reading workshop for the 1st time and will be teaching writing sort of for the 1st time. So anything that gets chosen whether it’s in my stack or not will be helpful to me. I think I’m feeling more comfortable right now looking ahead to reading workshop but the writing…..SCARES THE GRAY OUT OF MY HAIR. I wish. 🙂

      • You’ll love both workshops. I’ve always found writers workshop a little easier than readers, but that’s just me. It has always been easier for me as the conversations are so concrete — the writing is right there. :o) After #nwp, you won’t bat an eye at WWS.

        Now, about scaring the gray out of hair. I might be interested in that!

      • Cathy-

        But actually the only thing I have felt like I could REALLY take away as far as writing goes is the idea of response groups where we share our writing and get feedback. I could see me doing this in my 6th grade classroom. But as far as HOW to teaching writing/standards I’m still lost! Do you have any suggestions? Today we were supposed to talk about common core standards-it ended up being an argument against or for them NOT how to teach them. 🙂

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